We have the passion and expertise you deserve.

Nurse Practitioners & Physicians


Lindsay Peters  NP

Owner/Medical Director & NP Injector

"I am passionate about providing the best experience for our clients, starting with safe, evidence-based treatments, focusing on natural-looking results."


Dr. John Ballantyne  MD CCFP

Physician Injector

"I've always had a keen interest in architecture and an eye for detail.  Combining cosmetic medicine into my practice was a natural fit and helps to fuel my passion!"


Lesley Lisk  NP

NP Injector

"I approach treatments with a subtle and natural look, and above all, provide a gentle and compassionate experience for my clients."

Registered Nurses


Tamara Miller  RN

Injection Specialist

"I love enhancing my clients' current favourite features, while providing them with new ones to be proud of!" 


Pascale Renaud  RN

Injection Specialist

"Working with my clients brings me so much joy.   Adopting a 'safety first' approach is key to earning and keeping their trust!"

Other Wonderful Specialists


Roxane Cuconato

Skincare & Laser Specialist

"I'm so blessed to get to work with each of my clients to provide them with smooth and healthy skin!"


Marisa Tracey  RDH

Dental Hygienist

"The instant and obvious gratification I get to watch after a teeth whitening never gets old!"