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ElevateRx offers premium medical aesthetic services to enhance facial contours and treat a variety of skin conditions.  Our Ottawa skin clinic offers many different treatments so we can provide you with the most tailored service possible. 

Not sure where to begin?  "What are Botox and Fillers?  Skin Treatments... PRP?   Belkyra vs Evoke?  Chemical peel or Dermaplaning?  Wait - what's a Neuromodulator?"

We're here to help you learn about what your options are.   Our medical team would be happy to walk you through all of what we offer and discuss a treatment plan unique to you.  Booking a consultation is easy - you can do so online, or by email, SMS or phone


Be sure to visit and follow our Instagram page.  We often share pictures and videos of our treatments, clinic, and clinicians, to give you a sense of the ElevateRx experience!

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