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Vivier Acne Treatment Lotion

Vivier Acne Treatment Lotion


Vivier Acne Treatment Lotion is an effective acne-fighting and spot control lotion containing 5% Benzoyl Peroxide USP.


   ✔️ Rapidly eliminates acne-causing bacteria and effectively treats mild to moderate acne, making it ideal for those with acne-prone skin.

   ✔️ Helps clear current breakouts and prevents the formation of new pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads.

   ✔️ Exfoliates dead skin cells to reduce pore blockages, promoting a clearer, healthier-looking complexion.

   ✔️ Offers a moderate strength that balances efficacy and minimizes potential irritation for regular, suitable use.



Choosing USP-verified products demonstrates the commitment to medical-grade standards, distinguishing from most over-the-counter options with uncertain quality.



Cleanse, tone, and apply light serums as usual. Then, apply a thin layer of Acne Treatment Lotion to the affected areas. Follow with moisturizer and sunscreen. Start with one application daily, increase to two or three as tolerated, and reduce if dryness occurs.


First timers, we suggest a patch test to make sure you're comfortable:  apply a small amount to a targeted area once a day for three days. Keep an eye out for any signs of discomfort or adverse reactions.


This lotion is suitable for use by adults and children aged 12 and older. 


Need help knowing whether this product is suited for you? Contact the ElevateRx Ottawa team here and we'd be happy to help!

  • Ingredients

    MEDICINAL INGREDIENT:  5% Benzoyl Peroxide USP

    INACTIVE INGREDIENTS:  C13-14 Isoparaffin, Ethylhexylglycerin, Lanolin Oil, Laureth-4, Laureth-7, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Phenoxyelhanol, Polyacrylamide, Propylene Glycol, Water/Eau, Xanthan Gum.

  • Disclaimer

    Results from may vary based on individual skin conditions and usage. We dedicate ourselves to providing you with products that are backed by scientific evidence and crafted with the highest quality ingredients. While we aim for exceptional results, each person's skin is unique.

    For personalized skincare advice, we welcome you to visit us for a complimentary consultation. Our team is here to help you find the best solutions for your specific skin needs, ensuring you get the most out of the investment you make in yourself!

  • FAQ

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