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Looking your best is also feeling your best! 


ElevateRx offers medical treatments for common ailments without waiting months for a specialist appointment.  All clients are assessed and treated by our qualified team of Nurse Practitioners, Medical Doctors and Registered Nurses!  We are also happy to take referrals from your primary care provider.


Many of these treatments qualify for partial reimbursement by private medical insurance plans - and we can help with you with this as well.  As with all of our medical treatments, your initial consultation is free so we can properly assess and work with you to develop a plan which meets your objectives.  

Beautiful middle age woman wearing winte


$195 Injection Fee + Medication [often insured]

There is strong clinical evidence that therapeutic treatments with neuromodulators can improve quality of life for those with distressing ailments such as Chronic Migraines.

Our expert physicians and NPs are trained to diagnose and prescribe treatments for this chronic condition, or can accept referrals from your primary care provider.

Once a diagnosis and treatment plan has been completed, most insurance companies will cover the cost of the medication (~$800).  We will work with your insurer to ensure coverage!

We also work with the manufacturer to help with reimbursement for any deductible, should there be one. That way, you only pay the injection fee. 



$195 Injection Fee + Medication [often insured]

Many people experience an enlarged masseter muscle (side of jaw), jaw pain, disrupted sleep, or sensitive and damaged teeth as a result of Bruxism - the medical term or jaw clenching.

In fact, many patients will unknowingly grind at night and wake up with a sore jaw muscle.


Your dentist may also have noted that you are grinding and wearing down your teeth.

Studies (a) have shown that nocturnal bruxism can be improved by treatment of the masseter using neuromodulators.

(a) Lee, S.J. et al. 2010. Effect of Botulinum Toxin Injection on Nocturnal Bruxism: A Randomized Controlled Trial.  American Journal of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation 89(1), pp. 16–23.

Young woman with sweat stain on her t-sh


$195 Injection Fee + Medication [often insured]

Do you:

  • Sweat more than the average person?

  • Worry about your sweating in public?

  • Avoid wearing certain colours to mask sweat stains?

If you answered yes to any of these, you may be among the millions of people who suffer from hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating).  The neuromodulator medication is often covered by your private medical insurance as well (~$400 to ~$1200).

Fortunately, recent long term studies (a) have shown that neuromodulator injections can lead to significant improvement in quality of life for axillary hyperhidrosis (armpit sweating) sufferers.

(a) Lynch, O.E. et al. 2020. Five-year follow-up of patients treated with intra-dermal botulinum toxin for axillary hyperhidrosis. Irish Journal of Medical Science (1971 -) .

doctor shows  the dilation of small bloo


from $125 per treatment

Sclerotherapy is a non-surgical treatment for reticular and spider veins.

Medication is injected into the small veins, causing them to shrink and reabsorb into the body.

Not only does eliminating diseased veins improve circulation and make your legs healthier, it also improves their appearance as they will no longer be visible!

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